Due to unforeseen circumstances, V Lexander — art dealer, gallerist, publisher, wireless telecom engineer and aerospace defense systems entrepreneur — has gone missing [died] after a planned visit to Goldfield, Nevada recently to inquire about the potential purchase and/or investment into the famed Goldfield Hotel building. We have not heard from Mr. Lexander since Februrary after going into medically-mandated seclusion due to severe health complications stemming from massive exposure to toxic debris and ash at Ground Zero at the time of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York, which had in recent months led to a virulent resurgence in on-and-off paralyzing and debilitating health effects that had not been suffered in many years since the attacks. However, his health condition had sufficiently improved in recent weeks to allow him to arrange travel arrangements to visit Goldfield, Nevada to personally inspect the Goldfield Hotel and surrounding properties.

Until we are able to determine the whereabouts and well-being of Mr. Lexander, we are indefinitely pausing all activity on the Lexander Magazine website as well as future projects and public exhibitions scheduled by the Lexander Organization for VOLT Gallery and Gallery Quantum.

These actions and the disappearance and/or untimely death of V Lexander will not affect current private clients and artists represented by Lexander for brokerage sales, estate auctions, consignment and investment portfolios.

Sales and public exhibitions of G. B. Jones’ works and the planned Tom Girls retrospective and The Last Women on Earth as well as the Car Crash Retrospective will continue as originally planned (originally scheduled for exhibition back between 2011—2015 in New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Vancouver, Montréal, London [UK], Berlin [Germany], Saint Petersburg [Russia], Tel Aviv [Israel] and Tehran [Iran]) as soon as legal situations that have arisen over the past couple months between several involved parties have been fully resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned through appropriate legal arbitration in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Russia, Israel and Iran. These not-for-profit exhibitions of G. B. Jones’ works were to have been funded exclusively by V Lexander and other partners and associates of the international Lexander Organization.

Please note that no sales or public exhibitions of G. B. Jones’ works and limited edition ephemera represented by Lexander Gallery are currently possible due to the aforementioned legal arbitrations. We are unable to provide any details of these legal issues and proceedings to outside and uninvolved parties.

The Lexander Company and all its affiliated organizations and subsidiaries continue to be committed to the promotion and generous investment into the revolutionary and innovative art of G. B. Jones and all contemporary representational and avant-garde LGBTQ artists, with a particular focus on investment into the works of queer cisgender and transgender women artists.

All ongoing business operations and assets are being handled by representatives of the Lexander family in Dresden, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway.

Inquiries and requests for additional details may be made to gallery representative and spokeswoman Sabine Ulrike [info AT lex DOT gallery].