Art Theft Notice

We are seeking a series of original drawings by Canadian Appropriation artist G. B. Jones that were either stolen, lost or illegally sold by Robin Fisher (@cartoongal) for her 2002 book What’s Wrong? Explicit Graphic Interpretations Against Censorship, published by Arsenal Pulp Press. We are offering a cash reward of $15,000 USD to anyone who has information that will lead us to their recovery.

If the drawings were stolen and/or illegally sold, the $15,000 reward also applies to anyone who is able to provide information that results in the arrest of the individual(s) involved in this crime. Please either contact us directly [[email protected]], or the art theft units of the in Canada, or the in the US.

Neither Robin Fisher nor Arsenal Pulp Press have acknowledged any responsibility for the loss or theft of these drawings and G B Jones has never received any compensation for the loss of her invaluable works, which can never be replaced due to the fact that they are original works and not copies or multiples. The Lexander Organization is committed to the recovery of these drawings by any and all legal means necessary and to prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

We will not under any circumstances stop or otherwise cease our legal efforts against the guilty parties until all five drawings have been recovered and/or a financial settlement fairly compensating G B Jones for the theft of her property and the damage caused to her career by such losses has been reached.

After five years of trying to contact Robin Fisher to find out what happened to her work and continually ignoring our requests, we began preparations to take legal action against Fisher and Arsenal Pulp in 2010. Fisher responded with the following admission:

> > Dear Brian
> >
> > How are you? Long time no talk to. (grin) Hope things are going well in
> > Germany and that your trip back is sedate and relaxing.
> >
> > I’m writing because a situation has arose and unfortunately my brain has
> > no idea what occurred. I’ll be honest with you, while living in Vancouver
> > I was smoking a lot of pot. I’ve stopped but I can never get those cells
> > back. A lot of the year I worked on “What Right?” and “Whats Wrong?” is a
> > blur. I was hoping your fit and healthy brain could help me remember what
> > happened.
> >
> > Yesterday I was contacted by GB Jones about returning the 5 pieces of art
> > she contributed to “What’s Wrong?” To be fair she contacted me about this
> > 5 years ago as well, but not having any answers, I very immaturely ignored
> > it. Anyways I got an email from her yesterday asking me again. I
> > personally feel my behavior thus far, in regards to this situation has
> > been pretty deplorable and I would really like to rectify that. I’ve
> > apologized profusely and said I would do my best to find out what
> > happened. Here’s what I know.
> >
> > I thought that after I gave all the art to you, you guys mailed it back to
> > the artists? I’ve since moved to Montreal and in that move I went through
> > all my stuff and I did not have those pieces at all. Also somewhere in
> > the back of my mind my brain is telling me we auctioned off one of the
> > pieces, but we certainly wouldn’t do that without her permission. I mean,
> > I would’ve asked her permission for sure before I would’ve ever dreamed
> > of auctioning it off. So I don’t know why I think that………

> >
> > Anyways I’m really confused as to where this art went. Any help you could
> > give me in regards to this, I would really appreciate. She has two major
> > art shows comming up and I don’t blame her in the least for wanting those
> > pieces back. But I honestly have no memory to speak of about it. I mean
> > I remember what the pieces were, just not where they went.
> >
> > Thanks for your help. My former drug addled brain can’t wait to talk to
> > your pure brain. (grin)
> >
> > Robin Fisher
> > The Onomatopoeia Show
> > ‘All graphic arts, all the time.’
> > Sundays 3-4pm eastern time
> > CJLO 1690am
> >

Why, indeed. Robin has claimed to be a recovering drug addict and has used this as an excuse to evade responsibility for her criminal negligence. She was formerly based in Montreal and the host of a podcast called The Onomatopoeia Show.