Unlike most art galleries, Lexander prides itself on quality rather quantity. For the last few years we have mostly focused our concentration on the work of G. B. Jones, as well as the lesser known and undervalued works of Giorgio de Chirico, Julius Evola, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Longo, Alexander Schiel, and various undervalued graphic and poster artists of Iran, the former German Democratic Republic, Soviet Union, and other vanished regimes.

We are furthermore ushering forth an entirely new generation of American, European, and Eurasian avant-garde artists through our new platform that will shatter the asinine mindlessness, aesthetic corruptions and ugliness of contemporary blue chip absurdities.

Something is coming and this is a tidal wave that rest assured, Lexander will utterly devestate and contemporary art world as it is known and understood today. The new paradigm of the future begins today, here and now with the artists, not the self-appointed arbiters of the braindead absurdities of the art world today.