Lexander is the flagship art gallery of The Lexander Company. Founded in 1995 from the merger of the Lexcafé Internet café and microgallery (founded 1994, Westwood, Los Angeles) and the Lexander Group Europa graphic, mechanical and industrial design firm (founded 1982, Berlin, Germany).

Lexcafé itself originally began in 1989 as an arts-oriented online bulletin board system called LexBBS (later renamed art.NFO BBS in 1991 in sync with the Lexander artNFO disk magazine published between 1988—1994 for PC compatibles), running on a highly modified version of RBBS, providing digital art from European demoscene artists, plain text zines, ASCII/ANSI art, art commentaries, and online guides to notable art museums.

Since 2010, Lexander has gradually shifted its focus towards non-profit exhibitions, providing grants to underappreciated and undervalued artists, and working towards increasing arts education and literacy.

Beginning in 2018, Lexander will be providing direct investment toward multimedia and conceptual artists utilizing emerging bleeding edge technologies through Gallery Quantum and VOLT Gallery.